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<Avant Garde> is family-friendly, alt-friendly, casual-friendly, and insane-friendly. Just because we worship a mini squirrel named Donut doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join up and serve with pride!
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history of aion

sajuke, Nov 17, 10 8:29 AM.

We'll forgive you if you haven't yet heard of ArcheAge, an in-development MMORPG from XLGames. You probably have heard of lead developer Jake Song, though, or at the very least, you've probably played one of his games. The native South Korean is the brains behind the original Lineage, and he worked with Richard Garriott on Tabula Rasa. Also while at NCsoft, Song lent his talents to the conceptualization and creation of an MMORPG called Lineage Forever, which subsequently morphed into Aion.

pirtae rap!

sajuke, Nov 17, 10 3:23 AM.
On The Account by captain dan and the scurvy crew:

(Cap D)
we're out for recruits
who have an eye our for loot
we need 80 strong men
to to set sail in our troop
in the port if your short
on cash to go forth
we've got just the answer
if you'll hear it of course
if yer inclined to rhyme
and live a life of crime
sign up on the line
live in fame for all time
sail for 200 days
and make a mountain of pay
let's sign you up matey,
let there be no delay

on the account
yes we're on the account
we're comin to your town?
sign your name down,
adventures abounds.
On the account
yes we're on the account
and we're coming through
to recruit you
for the scurvy crew

Admirality's back, on the beats for the fleet
Here to rustle up some muscle for the British Elite
You like meat? We've got all the salt beef you can eat
Pirate rates can't compete, so please be taking a seat
Can you use a map, mate? How far can you see?
I CAN BENCH-PRESS A BOAT. Well that sounds good to me!
Here's yer red coat, and your bucket of tea,
Oh, son - you just enlisted in the Royal Marines!
Next please... You Sir, with the porcelain eye:
Will you serve your boy Nelson or are you scared to die?
Is it cool to get high? We make them Dutchmen fly!
Sign up another sailor and take up the cry:
All you boys on the capstan, raising the chain
Weigh up the anchor, and roll out the sails again,
Fully staffed from the colonies to the Spanish main
Cos we be giving them berths to any man with a brain!


(Cap D)

now it says right here
that you're a taylor
but you don't have no fears
of becoming a sailor
Just because you have a dream
that you can be on our team
doesn't mean your mean
enough to be a sea dawg supreme
what makes ye a pirate?
got dreams of a riot?
fought fiends all sizes?
sneak in towns under guises?
have ya got a parrot?
if it bites me I swear it
I'll put all his feathers
In my hat then I'll wear it
Yer application says that yer a surgeon
but We've only got the tools
for filletin them sturgeons,
Can ye saw a man's leg
while you're sippin on bourbon
or bring b ack a man
who's near death by submergin?
If you can fish out a snook?
while ye got that there hook?
i think we can add ye on board
as our cook!
how bout cooper makin' barrels
keep the gunpowder sterile
or a gunner makin' peril
while we singin this carol


Ladies in Scarlet
(Anne Bonnie)
The name's anne bonnie, the life of piracy is all up on me
Cannon balls I hurl, have you cryin cause  you lost to a girl
 stone cold, stabbin' people at 13 years old
with calico jack i go for the gold
When I began, I dressed like the guys
In disguise cause that's what it takes to take the prize
I sent a thousand navy men to a cold demise-
make truth the fears from their wives goodbyes
Word to the wise- I advise- don't be fooled by a lady's cries
we'll  turn you into food for the flies-
Break your body in half flexin' nothing but thighs

The ladies in scarlet send a chill down your spine
Mary Read, Anne Bonnie keep the seas in line
If ya got what I like then its gonna be mine
ye cant run with the girls, you better resign
If ye think we cant fight cause we got tits
then you'll find the boat below you has been blown to bits
by broadside hits, pirates with hips
we be catchin yer eye while we be stealin yer ships

(Cap D)
Them Ladies In Scarlet
Are far from Harlets
Privateering Men be fearing,
And revering these starlets
There's not many ladies
I'd be callin a crazy
But anne Bonnie and Mary Read
Be far from daisies
Number one with them guns,
They even shooting at nun s
These bitches be malicious
They be killing for fun
Just be cause they chicks
Doesn't mean they turn tricks
If you touch their tits,
they might just cut off yer dick
and no one knows what's store
If yer callin em whores
they'll knock ye to the floor
or beat ye dead with an ore!


(Mary Read)
I'll offend the offender, no matter who is the defender
I'm a slender life ender, decked in splendor
ships don't know they about to surrender to the stronger gender
I beat men at their game, and they call me the pretender?
I work with--the great A.B., ally with C D to the S to the C
we makin our enemies F- U C- K- E- D
compared to me- your style is SH I-T
a she I be, livin dangerously
Killin enemies as easy as A-B-C
your crew and you gonna need an EMT
a pirate b i t c h I be


roster is updated

sajuke, Nov 17, 10 3:10 AM.
roster is updated go check it out?

gallery news

sajuke, Nov 17, 10 3:01 AM.
when uploading pictures rename the file name to something unique or it will overwite any images with similar names when uploaded :(
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